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Max Boot: How a tech executive uses the ‘Silicon Valley playbook’ to equip Ukraine

The fate of Ukraine’s coming counteroffensive will hinge on the capabilities of its armed forces, but another factor will also be of great importance: the Ukrainians working behind the scenes....

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Inside Ukraine’s Open-Source War

Andrey Liscovich was at home in downtown San Francisco when he saw a tweet from the American politician Marco Rubio:

"The #Russian invasion of #Ukraine is now underway."

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Podcast: Andrey Liscovich on One Year Since the Invasion of Ukraine

Andrey Liscovich, CEO of the Ukraine Defense Fund, joins host Jeanne Meserve for a special edition on the state of Ukraine one year after the invasion, reviewing the events of the winter.

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Nearly 10 Months Into the Invasion, This Entrepreneur Continues His Efforts in His Native Ukraine

When Russia attacked Ukraine, Andrey Liscovich traveled to his homeland to try to help. His team has renovated bomb shelters and procured equipment for the military...

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‘Contagious Courage’: Why a Silicon Valley Exec Went Back to Ukraine

Last month, Andrey Liscovich was living in San Francisco, devising a startup to help people finance expenses like education and healthcare. But that was before war broke out—before Ukrainian’s leader...

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“Something I must do”: Andrey Liscovich PhD 2015 left Silicon Valley to defend his hometown in Ukraine

It took Andrey Liscovich PhD 2015 three days to travel from his home in San Francisco to his besieged hometown of Zaporizhzhia in Ukraine. He had no choice but to go...

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Former Silicon Valley exec in Ukraine, helping supply volunteer forces

A former Silicon Valley executive is on the front lines of the war in Ukraine, supporting the country he was born in, with a unique mission. Andrey Liscovich, a co-creator of the Ukraine Defense Fund, is using his tech and...

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How a crew of former Uber execs created an impromptu supply chain network for Ukraine's volunteer fighters

Two weeks ago, Andrey Liscovich was working on a new startup in San Francisco, his home of the past seven years. Today, the former head of the now-sunsetted Uber Works staffing...

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Viral Videos Reveal Nearly-Empty Shelves in Ukrainian Grocery Store

Andrey Liscovich shared the videos to the TikTok account
@ukrdefensefund where he explained he was shopping for items that would be donated to members of the Ukrainian military on behalf of the...

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How European startups are aiding Ukrainian refugees

Tech entrepreneur Andrey Liscovich is fighting for his birthplace of Ukraine by giving up his life in Silicon Valley and getting civilian soldiers the supplies they need … and it’s so dangerous he’s just written his will. Andrey joined us Monday...

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Contribute to the Cause

We are sourcing and distributing supplies to the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces, the AFU, regional government agencies and civilian groups. Please help us get critical supplies into the hands of everyday people who are now defending democracy in Ukraine.

Donations will be used to purchase a variety of critical, non-lethal supplies (no weapons or ammunition), including:

  • Tactical first aid kits
  • Radios
  • Body armor
  • Helmets
  • Power banks
  • Lethal items
  • Ammo
  • Weaponry

Our Progress

Whether it’s $1 or $10,000, every dollar matters. We put your generous contributions to work immediately to supply Ukrainian civilian volunteers with exactly what they need, including: satellite ground terminals, radios, quadcopters, and much more!


Funds raised so far

International Brokering

Supporting Dual-Use Technology Transfer

We handle complex negotiations between the Ukrainian military, allied governments, Western technology companies and private donors to facilitate the transfer of crucial, dual-use, non-lethal technologies supporting the war effort. Our projects have included satellite communications and imagery, drones and drone defense. For more details, please write us at

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